Company: Zemen Bank S.C.

Average Rate of Return (4 Years Data): 35.8% of par value.

Dividend History: 

2016: 367 ETB 

2017: 384 ETB

2018: 286 ETB

2019: 398 ETB

Average Rate of Return (4 Years Data): 37.3% of par Value. 

Dividend History: 

2016: 310 ETB 

2017: 285 ETB

2018: 525 ETB

2019: 374 ETB

Shares offered for sale: 

Number of share for sale: 100

price per one share: 1,400

Price for 100 shares: 140,000 ETB


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Please provide Ethiopian based phone number.

About the Company:

Zemen Bank S.C. is all about giving  customers choices and convenience. For us, banking is not limited to just branches and we see it as “something you do, not somewhere you go.” The Company abides strictly by the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where it operates, and observes the guidelines and rules issued by regulatory authorities of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. It also keeps its corporate governance system under constant review to ensure that it is in line with international and
local best practices.